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Have you been thinking of volunteering but you are not sure where to begin, answers some of the following questions to see what volunteer opportunities would suit you best:

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Thinking of Volunteering?
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Renowned local artist Linda McLaren is a longstanding volunteer at the Dufferin County Museum & Archives who regularly assists Museum staff in the accessioning of artifacts and conducting of historical research. Creator of the well-known "Headwaters Sketchbook" series of drawings featured within In the Hills Magazine, Linda's art works have also been displayed in several exhibitions in the DCMA's art gallery. The DCMA is extremely proud of Linda and all or our volunteers whose time, knowledge and contributions are essential to our continued success and service to the community.

Linda McLaren
Dufferin County Museum and Archives

  • If money and time was no object what problems in the world you solve?† The answer you give to this question will tell you what matters most to you in the world.†
  • How much time would you like to spend volunteering?† Are you looking to volunteer for one time only or would you like to have a regular commitment to volunteer?
  • Would you like to work only with yourself or would you like to volunteer with others?
  • Would you like to volunteer with an organization or would you like to volunteer your time and work from home?† If you would like to volunteer outside of home how far away would you be willing to travel?
  • Do you possess any talents or skills that you think you could share with a volunteer organization?††
  • Is there a skill that you would like to develop?
  • Take a couple of minutes to assess your personal goals.† Is there any personal goals that could be met if you volunteered?

Your answers to the above questions should give you a good starting point to determine your volunteer expectations and maybe an organization came to mind that you would like to volunteer with. †

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Thinking of Volunteering?
Thinking of Volunteering?
Thinking of Volunteering?