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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is a good driving route to take to see the fall colours?
What's the best route to get to the Hills of Headwaters?
What wedding facilities are available in the Hills of Headwaters?
What type of accommodations do you have in the region?
Where can I find information about the Credit Valley Explorer Train Tour?
What are the hours of operation of the Hills of Headwaters Tourism Association?
What are the best fine dining restaurants in the area?
Where is the Erin summer kiosk for the Hills of Headwaters information center?
Where is the Hills of Headwaters Information Center located in Orangeville?
Information about daily events that take place in the hills of headwaters area?
Are there any wineries in the headwaters region?
Where can I find the best shopping Destinations?
Any suggestions for a scenic drive?
What kind of dining experience can I expect in the region?
I'm planning a weekend getaway in the region, any ideas for activities?

Why is the region referred to as the Headwaters?
Why the names Orangeville, Erin, and Caledon?
Are there any bus tours of the region?
Are there any Museums & Archives in the area?
What are the Cheltenham Badlands? And how do I get there?
Walking tours? Are there any?

What are your local fishing regulations and licensing requirements?
Is there any camping in the Hills of Headwaters?
Where is a good spot to go for an afternoon hike?
What kinds of fish are common in the region and where can I fish?
What about motorized boat use and rentals in the region?
Where can I snowmobile in Headwaters?
What kinds of animals might I see while hiking in Headwaters?
Who are the golf courses involved in the Headwaters Golf Trail?
In the headwaters region, what is the address of the credit valley explorer?
Where can I swim outdoors?
Where are fishing locations in the area?
Where can I go for a picnic?
Where can I take Equestrian horseback riding lessons? Or see Equestrian shows?
Are there many golfing options in the area?
Where can I find a “kid friendly” play ground/ park in the area?
Where can I park my RV/ trailer for the night
Where can I pick my own Strawberries/ Raspberries/ Pumpkins/ Christmas trees?
Are there any skiing or snowboarding locations in the area?
Hiking Trails?
Where can I go bird watching?
What kind of equestrian scene is there in the hills of headwaters?

Health and Wellness
Can you recommend a top-quality spa, salon or wellness centre in the region?

Arts and Crafts
Are there any craft or scrapbooking stores in the region?

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Caledon Farmers' Market - Bring Your Pet Day
Jul 14, 2011
Town of Caledon

The Comedy of Errors
Jul 15 - 16, 2011
Alton Mill - Galleries & Art Studios

TIME FRAME: Juried Art Show & Sale
May 28 - Jul 10, 2011
Alton Mill - Galleries & Art Studios

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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions