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The Hills of Headwaters Tourism Association is a regional, non-profit organization with a mandate to facilitate the development and promotion of the Headwaters region as a tourism destination.

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Reports Download
Building the Arts - From Me to We 455kB
Equestrian Assessment Report 758kB

Headwaters Logos PDF Download
Blue Horizontal Logo Left. PDF 539kB
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Website Download
Member Profile 33kB
My User Profile 21kB
Adding New Pages or Sections 81kB
Subsections 22kB
Frequently Asked Questions Tool 48kB
Resizing and Cropping an Image in Adobe PhotoShop Elements 2.0 26kB
Events 60kB
Golf Ad 33kB
Ontario - Yours to Discover Logo 6kB
WinterFeast Banner 4kB
Hills of Headwaters Tourism Association receives top marks for tourism marketing 26kB
News and Headlines Tool 83kB
Add a Page of Links 60kB
Web Site Map 40kB
Resizing and Cropping an Image in Microsoft Photo Editor 244kB

Marketing Initiatives Download
Fall 2004 postcard 1.8mB
Summer 2004 postcard - front 899kB
Summer 2004 postcard - back 1.4mB
Summer 2003 lure brochure 2.1mB
Ad in Theatre Orangeville's 2004 brochure 880kB
Ad in Millcroft Inn guest room directory 628kB
Bolton/Headwaters Radio Ad 485kB
McKitrick House Inn/Headwaters Radio Ad 1.2mB
Millcroft/HVR/Headwaters Radio Ad 0kB
Christmas card campaign 04 960kB
Golf Trail Radio Ad 2005 937kB
Golf Trail Brochure 2005 2.8mB
WinterFeast 2006 Newspaper Ad 1.3mB
WinterFeast 2006 Colour Poster 617kB
Towns & Villages Christmas 2006 1.7mB
SummerFeast 2008 Poster 264kB
SummerFeast 2008 Post Card 253kB
SummerFeast 2009 Caledon Media Radio Spot 1.1mB
SummerFeast 2009 Erin Radio Spot 732kB
Destination Equitation Radio Ad Classical 96 953kB
Request for Printing Quote 33kB
Request for Design Quotes 33kB

The Tributary Download
Autumn 2004 90kB
Autumn 2005 97kB
Spring 2006 103kB
Spring 2007 104kB
Winter 2007/08 188kB

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Copper Stacked Logo.TIF 958kB

Marketing Opportunities Download
Headwaters Stable Tour - Sponsorship Opportunities 261kB
Hills of Headwaters 2010 Visitor Guide and Regional Map 481kB
2010 Hills of Headwaters Visitorís Guide & Map Advertising Contract 92kB
2010 E-Newsletter Schedule & Marketing Calendar 136kB
2011 Annual Travel Guide 266kB
2011 Regional Guide Map 262kB
2011 Winter Holiday Guide 266kB
2011 Visitor Guide Sales Sheet 1.5mB
2011 News from the Hills Dates and Theme Guidelines 292kB

Art in the Hills Logos Download
Art Logo Final with text blue.eps 379kB
Art Logo Final with web blue.eps 401kB
Art Logo Final with web.eps 395kB
Art Logo Final w text blue.jpg 1.1mB

Grown in the Hills Download
Harmony Market 25kB
Harmony Market 25kB
Chocolate Shop Signature Item 29kB
Chocolate Shop Signature Boxes and Bears 30kB
Strawberry Vinaigrette and Local Organic Greens 24kB
What's Cookin' in Erin 31kB
Downey's Framboise Wine 28kB
Downey's Farm 28kB
Millcroft Inn & Spa Organic Arctic Char 15kB
Millcroft Inn and Spa 28kB
Millcroft Inn and Spa Radio Spot 607kB
SummerFeast 8kB
The White Truffle Restaurant 58kB
The White Truffle Restaurant - Warm Woolwich Goat Cheese Tart 25kB
SummerFeast 7kB
Orangeville Fall Fair 31kB
Orangeville Fall Fair - Goat Show 70kB
Grown in the Hills 15kB
Belfountain Inn 20kB
Belfountain Inn 25kB
Juniper Grill and Wine Bar 20kB
Juniper Grill and Wine Bar Radio Spot 607kB
What's Cookin' in Erin Radio Spot 607kB
Dufferin Farm Tour 38kB
Dufferin Farm Tour - Apairy 42kB
Reidís Farm Market - Self Serve 35kB
Reidís Farm Market - Potatoes 26kB
Ray's Bakery - Warm Stuffed Sandwich Pockets 31kB
Ray's Bakery 34kB
Jelly Craft Bread 20kB
Jelly Craft Bakery 32kB
From Closet to Closet ~ Country Store & Cafe 30kB
From Closet to Closet ~ Country Store & Cafe - Smoked Meat Sandwiches 31kB
Broadway Farms Beef 26kB
Broadway Farms 24kB
Everdale Organic Farm & Environmental Learning Centre 41kB
Everdale model straw bale home 35kB
Jelly Craft Bakery Radio Spot 607kB
Il Corso Salad 29kB
Il Corso Ristorante 32kB
The Mad Hatter Pub - Baked Woolwich Goat's Cheese Sandwich 22kB
The Mad Hatter Pub 40kB
One99 Restaurant - Goat Cheese filled Phyllo Pastry 23kB
One99 Restaurant 19kB
Peace Valley Ranch - Black Angus Beef 25kB
Peace Valley Ranch 23kB
Harmony Whole Foods Market Radio Spot 607kB
Devonshire Guest House - Savoury Crepes 20kB
Devonshire Guest House 35kB
Hidden Treasures Bus Tour - Ginger Snaps. 25kB
Hidden Treasures Bus Tour 32kB
Chocolate Shop Radio Spot 607kB
Devonshire Guest House Radio Spot 607kB
Downey's Farm Radio Spot 607kB
Ray's Bakery Radio Spot 607kB
Reidís Farm Market Radio Spot 607kB
Chocolate Shop Video 4.7mB
Jelly Craft Bakery Video 3.5mB
Davidís Restaurant - not just sirloin, certified Angus 22kB
Davidís Restaurant in Erin 30kB
Lynn's at the Cataract Inn - Exterior 34kB
Lynn's at the Cataract Inn 29kB
The Consulate Dining Lounge 30kB
The Consulate Dining Lounge - Apple Stuffed Chicken 27kB
Credit Valley Explorer 37kB
Ray's Bakery Video 3.4mB
Sold Out 5kB

RT06 Download
Orangeville Tourism Workshop 120kB

Events Calendar

Featured Events

Caledon Farmers' Market - Bring Your Pet Day
Jul 14, 2011
Town of Caledon

Corn Flower Exhibit - Part of Our Canadian Heritage
Mar 13 - Dec 15, 2011
Dufferin County Museum and Archives

Caledon Farmers' Market
Jul 7, 2011
Town of Caledon

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