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West of Newmarket is one of the best places in the world to lose yourself for day or a lifetime: tiny, hilly, real-country Mono. Squeeze into a cave at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park that suddenly reveals a sun-soaked natural chapel. Pick an ancient farm to live on for pretend or real: there’s lots. Fill your lungs with some of Ontario’s highest elevation air. Then marvel at how this tiny enclave holds some of Canada’s best restaurants and watering holes. Where you’ll plot your escape of course.

It’s hard to believe that such a pastoral setting is just 45 minutes north of a huge metropolis like Toronto. A thousand shades of green paint the hillsides of Mono except for the winter months when everything is tucked in under a blanket of snow. Mono’s diverse landscape was most recently sculpted when the glaciers retreated, leaving deep river valleys, abundant clear feshwater streams, cliffs and crevices.

The Visitors section is intended to give you a brief visit to our community, with suggestions about where to stay, what to do and where to dine when you’re visiting Mono.

Our scenic countryside is conducive to recreational activities and the enjoyment of mother nature. Explore one of our many trails on foot, or strap skis and snowshoes on and navigate about in the winter months. Playing a round of golf and taking in the spectacular views is another option. A meandering drive through the hills shopping, dining and visiting local artists is a perfect day in Mono. There is something for everyone.

We hope you enjoy your virtual visit. Why not visit us in person one day?

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